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Over 15 years experience working at marketing agencies in Fairfield County managing and designing outstanding digital creative and motion graphics for liquor, CPG and technology clients.
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*Some of these examples were created while at my previous employers.
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I'm a digital creative director, video editor, animator and founder of Bacano Partners. I've been in the promotional marketing business for the last 15 years. Below are some of my ever evolving skills. 

From concepting to execution, bringing ideas to life online, offline or through motion and seeing how others respond to them is what keeps me motivated.

It allows me to think beyond design and more on how people would interact with web applications. UI/UX challenges me to create new and interesting ways to navigate the web.

Video and animation is the evolution of my career that I probably enjoy the most. I’m constantly learning and finding solutions to challenges that only benefits my clients!

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Don’t let my quiet demeanor fool you! I’m passionate about what I do. When not in front of a computer screen, I’m trying to keep up with my kids or playing soccer. On occasion, I’ll tackle a project at home.

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